Ultrasound World Cup

Registration for the competition is now CLOSED.

Medical Students!

Do you have what it takes to dominate the international ultrasound stage? Join us at the World Congress of Ultrasound in Medical Education in Portland, Oregon on Saturday October 11th for the FIRST EVER Ultrasound World Cup. Up to 10 different 3-person medical student teams from all over the world will be paired up with a world leader in ultrasound to compete in a sono-competition like you’ve never seen before. Live scanning, simulation, blindfolds, tofu……This competition has a little bit of everything. Whether you already have a team of 3 or would like to be placed on a team individually, all are welcome.

For any questions, send an email to [email protected]

Registered Teams

Team Name Members
 SonoKittens (University of Kentucky)  Jennifer Cotton, Brett Dickens, Carolyn Martinez
 Bronography (UC Irvine)  James Mattson, Lance Beier, Bryan Sloane
 Sonobabes (UC Irvine)  Lauren Sims, Chanel Fischetti, Tatiana Ramage
 Scarlet and Grayscale (Ohio State)  Duane Allen, Stephen Gardner, Daniel Francescon
 Kentucky Dopplergangers (University of Kentucky)  Alex Patterson, Nicole Nolan, Mannie Webb
 The Ultrasonic Gamecocks (University of South Carolina School of Medicine)  Katherine Neuffer, Garrett Holder, Blake Goodbar
 Where the wild sounds are (University of Kentucky)  Kendra Campbell, Monika Spacil, Sahiba Chandel
 2 FAST 2 Furious (West Virginia University School of Medicine)  Ben Lasure, Brian Dilcher, Andrew Küng
Ultrasonic Vuvuzela (Oregon Health & Science University)  Carly Cox, Nikolaus Matsler, Andy Lichtenheld
 The Motown Ultrasound (Wayne State University)  Nicole Messenger, Michael Devisser, Jacob Price
Team UltraUtes (University of Utah) Alexander Bracey, Camille Enriquez, Heather Beasley

Take a look at some of the inspiration for the Ultrasound World Cup in the video below, which features the SMACC Sonowars.

SMACC Sonowars from Oliver Flower on Vimeo.